This YouTube video features a channel going by the name KURI Slot who always has heaps of super super videos. In this one he wants to compare three popular Aristocrat “wild xyx’coins” slot games to see which one pays out more. Who do you think is the best paying slot out of Wild Ameri’Coins, Wild Fiesta’Coins and Wild Lepre’Coins?

Ok Let’s Decide This “coins” Shoot-out

How it works, 3 slot similar genre games, played at the same casino, with the same bet of $3 and the same budget. So it’s a “coins” shoot-out of sorts, who is gonna win?

Wild Ameri’Coins

The first game to be played is the Wild Ameri’Coins which $50 and a bet of $3.00. At 0:38 he manages to get 3 dollar sign symbols on the first three reels and is rewarded with a bonus of 7 free games and a win of $4.50.

In the fifth run, he retriggers another run of 7 free games as seen 1:31 making it a total of 14 free games and a win of $22.50.He also manages to get 8 wild symbols in the twelfth spin as seen at 3:09 and he is rewarded handsomely with a win of $175.25.

The bonus feature ends at 3:52 where it can be seen that it helped him get a win of a total $183.75 within just less than 4 minutes of play time.

Wild Fiesta’Coins

The second part of the video features the Wild Fiesta’Coins game starting at 4:02. He begins the game with $50 and bet amount of $3 just like in the previous game. The first major win here coming at 4:50 when he gets a win of $4.50 but he is yet to land a bonus.

Another highlight is at 5:17 where he gets $5.25 and also gets bonus wilds a few seconds later. At 6:12 he wins $5.75 and another $5.25 at 6:19. The following spins don’t get him anything big and he ends the recording session at 7:04.

Wild Lepre’Coins

The final session in the video starts at 7:06 and features filming of the Wild Lepre’Coins game. He starts the game the same way like in the previous two games with $50 and bet amount of $3.00.

It doesn’t take him long to get the first major win in the game as at 7:37 he gets $11.00. He also manages to get 10 wilds at 8:10 which grant him the biggest win so far in the game of $217.50 as seen at 8:42. The subsequent spins don’t seem to be very eventful and he ends the recording at 9:06.

The Final Results

Since the goal of the video was to compare the three games, KURI Slot is kind enough to show the analysis for us as seen at 9:08.

In the stats displayed, it can be seen that Wild Ameri’Coins managed to get him a gain of +$177.75, Wild Fiesta’Coins actually led to a loss of -$49.70 and Wild Lepre’Coins produced a profit of +$201.75.


Hence, according to this video and stats provided, one would conclude that Wild Lepre’coins is the ‘most generous’ slot since it was the one that brought the biggest gain from the same bet and amount wagered.

However, we all know that slot machines are not the same every day and are not as predictable and the game play would probably yield a totally different result any time you played it. But overall it was a fun video to watch and it was good to see all these great Aristocrat Wild ‘Coins slots in the one video.

**Review and preview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad app, iPhone, Android or real money land casino version of Wild Ameri’Coins, Wild Fiesta’Coins and Wild Lepre’Coins slot machines by Aristocrat**

NB: These slots can be played at Heart of Vegas for free, no real play is possible of these pokies.

Game Play
90 %
Wow Factor
80 %
Eye Candy
85 %
76 %
Player Votes
86 %
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