Responsible Gambling Guide

No matter if you are having a bet online or at punt at your local betting establishment you always need to stay in control of your gambling.

Don’t allow that little voice in your head control the way you conduct yourself while gambling. Be a smart responsible punter to stay on a happy lifestyle path.

Staying a responsible gambler – key tips:

  • Set a budget for your gambling and when you reach that budget for the set period STOP playing. Share this budget limit with someone so that you have a reminder person in place to assist in your memory if it fades a little.
  • Don’t spend money on gambling if you have more important uses for these funds. Money used for daily life expenses should always be more important that gambling with these funds. If you cannot afford to gamble then just don’t do it sherlock!

  • Don’t take any credit cards with you when gambling if you cannot trust yourself to stay responsible.
  • Don’t bet with any money on credit or loaned from any sources. If you bet with money that you need to repay you really have got sawdust for brains, just don’t do it.
  • Use the tools most online casinos provide to keep your gambling in control, casinos offer reality checks for the time you spend playing and they allow you to set deposit and limits to the funding of your account.

  • Exclude yourself from the casino if you cannot control yourself, online casinos will have a self-exclude option available. Choose from a small amount of time to forever.
  • Always remember that the chances of you winning are always not in your favour in any way no matter what type of gambling you partake in. Any gambling be it the slots, the sportsbook, lotto or the horses are all just as hard when it comes to winning.
  • Don’t increase your bet sizes when you are losing money in the thought that this will help recover any loses.
  • Don’t gamble when you have had a few to many drinks, your brain may just be in that “I can’t lose” mode which will not help you in any way. A few too many drinks may help ugly people look more attractive ???? but it will not help you earn any dosh.

  • Don’t believe that any bonus or free bet offer actually has some “real cash value” ok if you do get very, very lucky and manage to wager / play through the bonus as per the terms and conditions, you may just turn the bonus into a real cash-out. This can be done but in reality, 95% + of players never achieve any real returns from a casino bonus promotion.
  • Don’t believe that any tip service be it provided by the gambling establishment or a free or paid service will help you pick a winner. The sportsbooks and race books sometimes offer lots of statistics for players but this really is just a marketing ploy.
  • Listen to friends and family and take a reality check if they say to you that you have a gambling problem.


Gambling is not a way to earn an income or make a few bucks, it can be a fun way to spend a little time provided you can afford to lose what you are wagering with.

If you think that you have a gambling problem you probably have one, seek help if your gambling is not as responsible as it should be.

If gambling is not fun anymore it’s game over for you – STOP playing.

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