This is truly a game of eye candy, bonuses and ultimately of luck of course. Although the player is silent through most of the video, this contributes to the suspense and anticipation of his win as the player watches his experience go from $20.00 to an almost grand total of $400.00 by the end of the game of Wonder 4 Slots by Aristocrat.

Wonder 4 Slots Video Slots Review

Immediately, the player identifies that consecutive bald eagles, buffalo, running buffalo, golden buffalo and coins are what help you achieve your Wonder 4 Slot goals, as the music and rhythm pick up according to how much the player is winning.

At the one minute 15 second mark, this is indicated as the viewer hears an expressive dinging sound come from the machine, indicating the players first real win.

As the game continues, the player amount holds steady, fluctuating between $20.00 and $23.00 USD, causing me to wonder if this player is really worth trying his luck more on the slot machine, which seemed to not be in his favor from the beginning.

Excitement at 5 Minutes

The game takes an exciting turn at the 4 minute 50 second mark as the screen suddenly splits into four different screens. The player now has an opportunity to quadruple the players chances of spinning and winning, and he does just that. At this point in the game the man is still holding steady at around $21.00, however you can see that his grit and perseverance holds steady as he is determined to win.

A quality possessed by many avid slot machine players alike. At this point in the game new features are revealed. Coins begin to skyrocket out of the reel icons, and you notice that when the buffaloes start running, the game will yell buffalo and the players score and credits skyrocket.

The golden buffalo and consecutive bald eagles also prove to be note worthy in winning points. The silence of the player really engages the viewer, as you begin to pay close attention to what is going on in the game.

The Reels get NICE

At the 5 minute 40 seconds, the game takes a positive turn. The player starts to win gold coins, however simultaneously it appears the player loses some money in the process. This is the ambiguity and excitement of playing such a dramatic game at Wonder 4 Slots.

The Big Pay-off

At 8 minutes 9 seconds, when you think the player may lose it all, gold coins cascade out of the reels on the screen. The players perseverance shines through as, the slot reaches a grand total of $383.12. The players concentration and luck ultimately pays off on the Wonder 4 Aristocrat slot machine.

** General overview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iOS app, Android or real money land casino version of Wonder 4 slots by Aristocrat. Nice video win courtesy of The Spazhead Video Channel **

Game Play
75 %
Wow Factor
74 %
Eye Candy
78 %
72 %
Player Votes
75 %
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