Vegas Matt gives us a great guide on how to play the Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw Cash Grab game. This is a fun and simple game that has some really big possible pay-outs. Aruze make some of the best slot machines.

How to Play Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw

Are you a fan of arcade-style games where you can win money? If so, you’re going to love the Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw Cash Grab game! This is not a slot machine, but it shares the same ways to win format which is by luck only, even blind granny can play this game just as good as anyone. This exciting game combines the fun and thrill of claw machines with the opportunity to win big of up to $10,000 in one game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or brand new to the world of arcade games, this guide will show you how to play the Go Go Claw game. So let’s dive into the Amazing Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw!

Go Go Claw Nice Win Below

NB – rules and info below may change from different machine styles and jurisdictions.

Go Go Claw Fast Start Guide

  • Any bet selected buys 1 attempt to win a prize. Available prizes correspond to bet selected refer to the pay-out guide on the machine. Winning prize amounts will change with the bet made.
  • Select your wager from the available bet buttons and then press PLAY/CLAW to start the game.
  • In the Ball Prize Selection displayed on the main screen at the start of the game, one randomly determined ball prize value is assigned to all the prize balls in the machine.
  • Immediately following the Ball Prize Selection, a timer displayed on the main screen automatically starts to countdown.
  • Use the joystick throughout the countdown to move the claw horizontally above the prize balls.
  • Pressing PLAY/CLAW during the countdown initiates lowering of the claw. If the countdown reaches zero, the claw automatically lowers by itself and completes the game.
  • After lowering of the claw is initiated, the claw automatically attempts to grasp a prize ball and proceed toward the win box hopper and drop the ball into the slot.
  • If a first attempt to deposit a prize ball in the win box is unsuccessful, it is possible that an additional attempt may be presented twice only.
  • The countdown timer is reset each time an additional attempt is presented. It a prize ball is not deposited into the win box on a third attempt only.
  • It is possible that the determined ball prize is still awarded via an onscreen notification. Only one bill prize can be won in a game.

What is Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw

Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw is a unique arcade-style slot machine that combines the best of both worlds. Unlike traditional claw machines where you only win stuffed animals or toys, in the Aruze Gaming Go Go Claw you have a chance at winning real money prizes. This makes for an exciting and thrilling experience as you never know what kind of prize awaits.

The gameplay is simple: insert credits into the machine, pick your wager from $5 to $100 per time, press play, the machine will then display your possible prize amount for dropping the ball into the hopper, you use the joystick to move the claw around and drop within 30 seconds towards a ball or the machine will just do it for you. If you don’t have success in your first attempt you may be lucky and get a free game or two to try again.

The rules of this arcade-style slot machine involve chance only, it seems like a skill game at first sight but spoiler alert this is not a game of skill. You position your claw correctly over a ball, pick it up and then drop it into the hopper, but all this will not make any difference though – remember this is a game of chance just like slot machines. Your interaction makes no difference in any way shape or form – but’s it’s still fun though even when you lose.

Go Go Claw RTP % – It’s Quite Low

The RTP % on this game is low, every casino can do what they want in reality on the RTP of their games. As the betting process in this game takes some time from start to finish to complete most casinos wind down the RTP % for this game we suspect. Remember every casino game needs to return a certain profit level over a set time period. The average slot machine takes just seconds to complete the wager while the Go Go Claw can take 30 seconds so the casinos take less bets per hour on this game.

We have not confirmed it but some say the RTP can be as low as 85% for the Go Go Claw in most casinos, so it’s not a game that will return much bucks over many attempts.  Example, in comparison with slot machines on the Las Vegas strip they have an average of about 91% RTP, some Sin City casinos a little higher and some a little lower than this 91%, the airport slots having a lowly 85% RTP so don’t even think about playing them.

You may get more time for your gambling dollar win or lose than most other casino games on the Go Go Claw. So if you get a good win and are in front we suggest you walk away and pocket the money just like you should do on any casino game.

Go Go Claw Bets and Payouts

You can win from $10 to $10,000 on one game, bets can be from $5 to $100 per go, the machine also has a jackpot prize from the regular pays. Different variations of the game may exist or be released over time so this info may change.

Go Go Claw Cheats & Hacks

Sadly we do not have any hacks and cheats to winning that we can share with you as their is none. You cannot do anything to increase your chances to winning on the Go Go Claw Cash Grab game. It’s 100% luck only just like most games on the casino floor!

Go Go Claw How to Win

Our tip: We say just have a few attempts and walk away win or lose, this is your best chance to turn a profit on this game due to the low RTP % pay-outs. If you have way too much money just play as long as you want 🙂 as it’s quite the fun game to play.

Go Go Claw Summary

Without a doubt this is fun game to play, the thrill we take you back to those days when you spent $50 to win that stuffed toy worth $2 in the games arcade. No matter who you are trying to impress with your Go Go Claw skills we wish you luck!

Game Play
82 %
Wow Factor
85 %
Eye Candy
86 %
80 %
Player Votes
88 %
Fun or Not
95 %
Go Go Claw Game - Lose or Not
86 %
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