• 243 Mexicana
    243 Mexicana
  • 27 Joker Dice
    27 Joker Dice
  • 27 Joker Fruits
    27 Joker Fruits
  • 27th Cabaret
    27th Cabaret
  • 6 Fruits
    6 Fruits
  • 6 Fruits Deluxe
    6 Fruits Deluxe
  • 8 Dice
    8 Dice
  • 8 Flowers
    8 Flowers
  • 8 Fruit Multi
    8 Fruit Multi
  • 81 Dice Awards
    81 Dice Awards
  • 81 Fruit Awards
    81 Fruit Awards
  • 81 Joker Dice
    81 Joker Dice
  • 81 Joker Fruits
    81 Joker Fruits
  • 81 Vegas Multifruits
    81 Vegas Multifruits
  • 81st Cabaret
    81st Cabaret
  • 88 Pearls
    88 Pearls
  • 9 Dice Deluxe
    9 Dice Deluxe
  • Aladdin and the Golden Palace
    Aladdin and the Golden Palace
  • Aladdin The Magic Carpet
    Aladdin The Magic Carpet
  • Alchemist's Gold
    Alchemist's Gold
  • Alchemist's Gold Dice
    Alchemist's Gold Dice
  • Amazons' Wonders
    Amazons' Wonders
  • Armed 'N' Wild
    Armed 'N' Wild
  • Aztec Jaguar Megaways
    Aztec Jaguar Megaways
  • Big X
    Big X
  • Blazing Ice
    Blazing Ice
  • Book of Secrets
    Book of Secrets
  • Book of Secrets 6
    Book of Secrets 6
  • Book of Secrets 6 Dice
    Book of Secrets 6 Dice
  • Book of Secrets Dice
    Book of Secrets Dice
  • Book of Secrets Extra
    Book of Secrets Extra
  • Buffalo Hunt
    Buffalo Hunt
  • Coins of Luck
    Coins of Luck
  • Collect'em Fruits
    Collect'em Fruits
  • Corsair Queen
    Corsair Queen
  • Crazy Free Fruits
    Crazy Free Fruits
  • Devil's Ride
    Devil's Ride
  • Diamond Fever
    Diamond Fever
  • Diamondz
  • Dice Gold
    Dice Gold
  • Dice Rush
    Dice Rush
  • Dicey Fruits
    Dicey Fruits
  • Dolphin's Wild Ride
    Dolphin's Wild Ride
  • Double Hot
    Double Hot
  • Double Hot Dice
    Double Hot Dice
  • Dragons of Fortune
    Dragons of Fortune
  • Easter Fortune
    Easter Fortune
  • Eldorado
  • Fire Spell
    Fire Spell
  • Fire Witch
    Fire Witch
  • Fire Witch Dice
    Fire Witch Dice
  • Firebird 27
    Firebird 27
  • Firebird Double 27
    Firebird Double 27
  • Firebird Double 27 Dice
    Firebird Double 27 Dice
  • Flip the Chip
    Flip the Chip
  • Forest Maiden Hold and Win
    Forest Maiden Hold and Win
  • Fruit o Rama
    Fruit o Rama
  • Fruiti
  • FruitiX
  • FruitiXL
  • FruitiXX
  • FruitiXXL
  • Fruits 'N' Fire
    Fruits 'N' Fire
  • Fruits Go Multiply
    Fruits Go Multiply
  • Fruity Gold
    Fruity Gold
  • Fruity Gold 81
    Fruity Gold 81
  • Gem O Rama
    Gem O Rama
  • Goblinions
  • Gold O'Clock
    Gold O'Clock
  • Golden Myth
    Golden Myth
  • Grand Gems
    Grand Gems
  • Harlequin Dice
    Harlequin Dice
  • Heaven Mania
    Heaven Mania
  • Hell Bars
    Hell Bars
  • Hell Fruits
    Hell Fruits
  • Hell Mania
    Hell Mania
  • Hell Mania Dice
    Hell Mania Dice
  • Hot Africa
    Hot Africa
  • Hot Dice
    Hot Dice
  • Hot Dice X
    Hot Dice X
  • Hot Dice XL
    Hot Dice XL
  • Hunter's Spirit
    Hunter's Spirit
  • Hunter's Spirit Dice
    Hunter's Spirit Dice
  • Jack & The Mystery Monsters
    Jack & The Mystery Monsters
  • Jewels Fortune
    Jewels Fortune
  • Joker 40
    Joker 40
  • Joker 40 Dice
    Joker 40 Dice
  • Joker 5
    Joker 5
  • Joker 5 Dice
    Joker 5 Dice
  • Joker 50 Deluxe
    Joker 50 Deluxe
  • Joker 50 Deluxe Dice
    Joker 50 Deluxe Dice
  • Joker's Five
    Joker's Five
  • Joker's Five Dice
    Joker's Five Dice
  • Lightning Spell
    Lightning Spell
  • Lucky 77
    Lucky 77
  • Lucky Elements
    Lucky Elements
  • Lucky Pot
    Lucky Pot
  • Madam Lucky
    Madam Lucky
  • Magnetic Wild
    Magnetic Wild
  • Masters of the Eclipse
    Masters of the Eclipse
  • Mirror Shield
    Mirror Shield
  • Money Vaults Hold and Win
    Money Vaults Hold and Win
  • Monkey Slots
    Monkey Slots
  • Moonlight Fortune
    Moonlight Fortune
  • Multi Bricks
    Multi Bricks
  • Multi Golden Scarabs
    Multi Golden Scarabs
  • Mysterious Atlantis
    Mysterious Atlantis
  • Neon Fever
    Neon Fever
  • Pirate's Run
    Pirate's Run
  • Pixel Reels
    Pixel Reels
  • Realm of Lions
    Realm of Lions
  • Reel Hot Respin
    Reel Hot Respin
  • Reel Sheriff
    Reel Sheriff
  • Respin Joker
    Respin Joker
  • Respin Joker 243
    Respin Joker 243
  • Respin Joker 243 Dice
    Respin Joker 243 Dice
  • Respin Joker 81
    Respin Joker 81
  • Respin Joker Dice
    Respin Joker Dice
  • Rich Pirates
    Rich Pirates
  • Rio Mystery Night
    Rio Mystery Night
  • Rock ’N’ Roll Rooster
    Rock ’N’ Roll Rooster
  • Shuriken Legend
    Shuriken Legend
  • Skull Bonanza
    Skull Bonanza
  • Solar God
    Solar God
  • Super Wild 27
    Super Wild 27
  • Super Wild 27 Dice
    Super Wild 27 Dice
  • Sweet Dream
    Sweet Dream
  • Sync Spin
    Sync Spin
  • The Wild Job
    The Wild Job
  • Thirsty Viking
    Thirsty Viking
  • Tiki Princess Hold and Win
    Tiki Princess Hold and Win
  • Toro Wilds Reel
    Toro Wilds Reel
  • Triple Blaze
    Triple Blaze
  • Vampire Bride
    Vampire Bride
  • Vampire Odyssey
    Vampire Odyssey
  • Wandering Wild
    Wandering Wild
  • Wild Blooms
    Wild Blooms
  • Wild Circus 256
    Wild Circus 256
  • Wild Warp
    Wild Warp
  • Winfrey Treasures
    Winfrey Treasures
  • XMAS Secret
    XMAS Secret
  • Zeus Wild Thunder
    Zeus Wild Thunder

Introduction to SYNOT Games

SYNOT Games is a leading gaming company that specializes in developing high-quality online casino games. Established in the Czech Republic in 1991, the company has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Today, they have offices in several countries, including Malta, Spain, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. The company is renowned for its innovative and engaging games, which are designed to provide players with an exciting and immersive gaming experience.


They were founded in 1991 by a group of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic. Initially, the company focused on developing and producing gaming machines for land-based casinos. However, with the advent of online gaming, they shifted focus to developing online casino games. Today, the company with more than 150 staff has a vast portfolio of games that are enjoyed by players all over the world.

Games Portfolio

SYNOT has a 120+ portfolio of games which includes a wide range of games, including video slots, table games, and video poker. The company’s games are known for their innovative features, high-quality graphics, and engaging gameplay.

Some of the most popular games in SYNOT Games’ portfolio include Book of Secrets, Alchemist’s Gold, and Aladdin The Magic Carpet. In addition to these games they offer a range of branded games, including Hell Mania and Fruits ‘n’ Fire.

Game Development Process

SYNOT Games’ game development process is focused on creating games that are engaging, innovative, and of the highest quality. The company’s team of experienced game developers uses the latest technology and tools to create games that are visually stunning and feature-rich.

Once a game has been developed, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets SYNOT Games’ high standards.

Technology and Innovation

SYNOT Games is committed to using the latest technology and innovation to create games that are ahead of the curve.

The company’s games are designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. In addition they use cutting-edge technology such as HTML5 to create games that are visually stunning and feature-rich.

Future Plans and Projects

SYNOT Games is constantly looking to the future and has several exciting projects in the pipeline. The company is working on developing new games that incorporate the latest gaming technology and features.

In addition they are exploring new markets and partnerships to expand its reach and provide players with even more exciting gaming experiences.

Games’ Social Responsibility

SYNOT Games is committed to social responsibility and takes its responsibility to its players and the community seriously. The company operates in a responsible and ethical manner and is committed to promoting responsible gambling.

In addition, they  supports several charitable organizations and initiatives, including the Malta Community Chest Fund and the Responsible Gambling Trust.


In conclusion, SYNOT Games is a leading gaming company that is dedicated to providing players with exciting and engaging gaming experiences. The company’s portfolio of games is diverse and includes some of the most popular games in the industry.

With a focus on technology, innovation, and social responsibility, they are well-positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the gaming industry.

If you’re looking for high-quality online casino games, be sure to check out SYNOT Games’ portfolio right on our site for free play fun.