Norma in the video gives us 10 great things to do in Sin City 100% free, so when you lose all your money you have heaps of super entertainment options before you leave town. Below we add to her awesome list of things to do, these are own personal tips to cheap or gratis fun activities in Vegas.

15 free or cheap things to do in Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas, the city of lights, entertainment and non-stop action! But did you know that not everything in this vibrant metropolis has to come at a high price? In fact, there are plenty of free or cheap activities and attractions that will leave you just as dazzled.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for something extra to add to your itinerary, we’ve rounded up 15 free things to do in Las Vegas that won’t break the bank. From iconic landmarks like the Bellagio Fountains and the Mirage Volcano, to lesser-known gems like the Neon Museum and Silverton Aquarium – we’ve got it all covered. So let’s dive right into some fun-filled adventures without spending a dime or just a few bucks for some things.

1. The Fountains at the Bellagio

The Fountains at the Bellagio are a must-see attraction when visiting Las Vegas. This stunning water display is located in front of the Bellagio hotel and casino, and features over 1,200 illuminated fountains that shoot water up to 460 feet in the air.

What makes this attraction even more impressive is the way that each fountain dances along with its corresponding musical score. From classical pieces to contemporary hits, visitors can enjoy a wide range of music genres as they watch the fountains perform their mesmerizing choreography.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable evening activity that won’t cost you a penny, head over to The Fountains at the Bellagio. You’ll be swept away by its beauty and grandeur from start to finish of the show.

Price: Free

2. The Volcano at the Mirage

The Volcano at the Mirage is an iconic attraction in Las Vegas that offers a unique and unforgettable experience. As one of the most popular free things to do in Las Vegas, it features a stunning display of fire, water, and lights that will leave you awestruck.

This impressive volcano erupts multiple times every evening on schedule, starting from 7 pm until midnight. The eruption involves more than 150 fire shooters shooting flames up to 12 feet high into the air. Accompanied by vibrant music and sound effects, this show creates an immersive sensory experience that will keep you captivated.

The Mirage’s Volcano is surrounded by lush greenery and a lagoon which adds to its beauty. It takes around ten minutes for each performance but feels like only moments because of how mesmerizing it all is.

Watching The Volcano at the Mirage should be on your must-do list when visiting Las Vegas as it provides an exciting glimpse into Mother Nature’s power while being situated right in the heart of the strip.

Price: Free

3. The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio is an incredible attraction that allows visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Upon entering, you’ll be transported into a world of natural beauty with stunning floral displays, vibrant colors, and breathtaking scents.

The garden showcases seasonal displays that change throughout the year, making it a great place to visit multiple times. During Christmas season, you can marvel at their holiday display featuring a giant Christmas tree surrounded by poinsettias while springtime brings cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Every detail in this garden is carefully thought out—from the flowers to the sculptures—making it one of the most beautiful places on The Strip. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world as soon as you enter.

Aside from admiring its aesthetics, visiting this attraction won’t cost you a dime! Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or just something different to do in Sin City, The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Bellagio should definitely make your list of must-see attractions when in Las Vegas.

Price: Free

4. The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand is a must-visit attraction in Las Vegas. It’s home to several majestic lions that you can observe up close through large glass enclosures. The habitat provides visitors with an incredible opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment without having to leave the city.

The lions are well taken care of, and it’s fascinating to watch them interact with one another. The habitat also has informative displays that provide insights into the lives of these big cats, including how they hunt and live together as a pride.

One thing that sets this lion exhibit apart from others is their effort towards conservation. As part of its mission, the Lion Habitat at MGM Grand supports various organizations dedicated to protecting endangered species like lions across the world.

Visitors can experience this awe-inspiring attraction for free throughout most days of the week, making it accessible for everyone who wants to witness these beautiful creatures firsthand. A visit here is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all especially the kids.

Price: Free

5. The Adventuredome at Circus Circus

For those looking for a fun and exciting day out in Las Vegas, The Adventuredome at Circus Circus is the perfect destination. This indoor amusement park offers thrill rides, games, and attractions suitable for all ages.

One of the main highlights of is the Canyon Blaster roller coaster. This ride promises twists, turns and drops that will leave your heart racing. For those who prefer something tamer, there are also plenty of family-friendly rides like the Ferris wheel or bumper cars.

If you’re feeling competitive, there are plenty of carnival-style games to test your skills and win prizes. And if you need a break from all the excitement, there’s even an arcade with classic video games like Pac-Man and pinball machines.

The best part? Admission is free to take a walk around and absorb the fun! You only pay for individual ride tickets or an all-day pass. So whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for some free entertainment in Las Vegas, be sure to add The Adventuredome at Circus Circus to your list of things to do.

Price: Free entry to have a look, you must buy a ticket for the rides

6. The Silverton Aquarium

The Silverton Aquarium is a hidden gem in Las Vegas that not many tourists know about. Located inside the Silverton Hotel and Casino, this aquarium features over 4,000 exotic fish and marine life from around the world.

One of the highlights of the aquarium is its interactive feeding show where visitors can watch divers hand-feed stingrays and other sea creatures. Kids will also love getting up close to mermaids who swim amongst the fish in their colorful costumes.

But what makes this aquarium truly unique is its free mermaid shows! Watch as beautiful mermaids gracefully glide through the water alongside schools of tropical fish. The performances are held Thursday through Sunday at various times throughout the day.

Visitors can also take a behind-the-scenes tour with an expert marine biologist to learn more about how they care for these incredible animals. And if you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite to eat at one of their restaurants which offer views into the giant tank. Fish n’ chips maybe?

The Silverton Aquarium offers a fun and educational experience for all ages without breaking your budget as it’s gratis to enter!

Price: Free

7. The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Las Vegas who has an appreciation for art and history. This outdoor museum showcases the iconic neon signs that once graced the city’s skyline, giving visitors a glimpse into the past.

The collection includes over 200 signs from various hotels, casinos, and businesses that date back to the 1930s. Each sign tells its own story and represents a different period in Las Vegas’ history.

One of the highlights of The Neon Museum is the hour-long guided tour led by knowledgeable guides who share fascinating stories about each sign’s origins and significance. Visitors can also enjoy a self-guided tour during daylight hours to see these magnificent pieces up close.

For those interested in photography or art, The Neon Museum offers several unique photo opportunities both during daytime tours as well as evening tours where selected signs are illuminated against the night sky.

The Neon Museum is an excellent way to experience one-of-a-kind artwork while learning more about Las Vegas’s rich cultural heritage through its famous neon signage.

Price: Adults daytime $20, night $45. Kids aged 7 to 17 daytime $10, night $22, 6 years and under free

8. The Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is a must-visit attraction in Las Vegas for anyone who wants to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. This pedestrian mall is located in downtown Las Vegas and covers five blocks of Fremont Street.

As you walk through this lively street, you’ll be greeted by an incredible light show that takes place every night. The Viva Vision light show features 12.5 million LED lights and a 550,000-watt sound system that creates an immersive audiovisual experience.

In addition to the dazzling light show, the Fremont Street Experience also offers plenty of entertainment options for visitors. You can catch live music performances from local bands or even try your luck at one of the many casinos along the street.

Foodies will love exploring the various dining options available at Fremont Street as well. From classic American fare to international cuisine, there’s something here for everyone’s taste buds.

Visiting The Fremont Street Experience is a unique way to experience Las Vegas’ energy and excitement beyond just gambling and partying.

Price: Free

9. The Hoover Dam

One of the most impressive free things to do in Las Vegas is witnessing the grandeur of the Hoover Dam. Located less than an hour away from The Strip, this engineering marvel sits on the border between Arizona and Nevada, where it regulates water levels and generates hydroelectric power.

Visitors can take a guided tour inside the dam to learn about its history and construction or simply admire its imposing structure from outside. The concrete arch-gravity dam stands at 726 feet tall and stretches for more than 1,200 feet across Black Canyon, creating Lake Mead in the process.

Aside from its functional purpose, the Hoover Dam is also a remarkable sightseeing spot that offers panoramic views of both desert landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Snap some photos near one of its huge spillways or take a stroll along its top walkway to appreciate how man-made structures can blend seamlessly with natural wonders.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during sunset or sunrise, you’ll be treated to breathtaking colors reflecting off the canyon walls while standing atop one of America’s greatest landmarks. So don’t miss out on seeing this iconic feat of engineering when you’re in Las Vegas!

Price: Free

10. The Strip

The Strip is the beating heart of Las Vegas and a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the city. This iconic boulevard is home to some of the world’s most famous hotels, casinos, and attractions, including the Bellagio Fountains, The Mirage volcano show, and The Venetian’s indoor canal.

Walking along The Strip is completely free and offers plenty of opportunities to people-watch, window-shop or take in all the neon lights. You can catch a glimpse of street performers showcasing their talents or snap a picture with costumed characters wandering around.

For those who want to experience more than just sightseeing on foot, hop on one of the many free trams that run between different hotels along The Strip. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, consider renting a bike or Rollerblades to explore at your own pace.

Whether you come during day or night time hours there are always things happening in this vibrant area. So put on comfortable shoes and get ready to soak up all that energy while discovering what makes Las Vegas so unique.

Price: Free

11. Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is the heart of the city and offers plenty of free things to do. Start your day at Container Park, an open-air shopping center made entirely out of shipping containers. Here you’ll find unique boutiques and restaurants, as well as a playground for children.

For those interested in art, head to the Arts District where you can see murals and street art from local artists. The district also hosts First Friday every month, a celebration featuring food trucks, live music, and pop-up shops.

If you’re looking for some history, visit the Mob Museum or the Neon Museum. The Mob Museum tells the story of organized crime in America while the Neon Museum displays vintage neon signs that once lined the streets of Las Vegas.

End your day on Fremont Street where you can experience free light shows every hour after dark. This pedestrian mall also features live music performances daily from various bands and artists.

Downtown Las Vegas offers something for everyone without breaking your budget.

Price: Free

12. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a stunning natural wonder located just 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The area spans over 195,820 acres and boasts an array of hiking trails, rock climbing opportunities, and scenic drives.

One of the most popular activities at Red Rock Canyon is hiking. With over 26 different trailheads to choose from, visitors can explore everything from easy family-friendly hikes to more challenging routes for experienced hikers. Some of the most popular trails include Calico Tanks Trail and Ice Box Canyon Trail.

For those looking for a more adventurous experience, Red Rock Canyon offers world-class rock climbing opportunities. The area features sandstone cliffs that attract climbers from all around the world. Climbers must obtain a permit before engaging in any climbing activity within the park.

Another great way to experience Red Rock Canyon is by taking a scenic drive along its winding roads featuring breathtaking vistas along every turn. Visitors can also take part in guided tours or rent bicycles for some outdoor exploration.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers something for everyone with its diverse range of activities and beautiful scenery making it one of the top cheap things to do in Las Vegas!

Price: Private Vehicle $20, Motorcycle $10, Bicycle $8, Pedestrian $5

13. Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders around Las Vegas. The park features stunning rock formations and vibrant colors that make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

The Valley of Fire State Park gets its name from the red sandstone formations that seem to be on fire when hit by the sun’s rays. Visitors can explore hiking trails, picnic areas, and campgrounds while enjoying views of these beautiful red rocks.

One popular attraction in the park is Elephant Rock, which looks like an elephant with its trunk raised up high. It’s perfect for taking pictures or selfies with friends and family.

Another highlight of Valley of Fire State Park is Atlatl Rock, where visitors can see ancient petroglyphs etched into the rock face by Native Americans thousands of years ago. It’s fascinating to imagine what life was like during those times as you gaze upon these incredible works of art.

Visiting Valley Of Fire State Park allows you to escape from city life and connect with nature in a unique way!

Price: $15 entrance fee per vehicle ($10 for Nevada vehicles), per day. Overnight camping is $25 per night ($20 for Nevada vehicles), with an additional $10 for sites with utility hookups.

14. The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum, located in Downtown Las Vegas, is a unique and fascinating experience for anyone interested in the history of organized crime. The museum showcases the rise and fall of notorious gangsters like Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia presentations.

One of the most interesting parts of the museum is the courtroom exhibit where visitors can sit in on an actual Kefauver Committee hearing from 1950 that investigated organized crime across America. It’s a great opportunity to witness history come alive before your eyes.

Another highlight of The Mob Museum is its collection of weapons used by famous mobsters throughout history. Visitors can see guns owned by Bonnie and Clyde as well as brass knuckles once belonging to Scarface himself.

The Mob Museum offers a unique perspective on American history that isn’t often explored elsewhere. Its exhibits are informative but also incredibly entertaining, making it one of the best low cost things to do in Las Vegas for those looking for something offbeat.

Price: General admission Local resident $16.95, Non local $29.95

15. Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens

If you have a sweet tooth and appreciate the beauty of nature, Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens is a must-visit destination in Las Vegas. This unique attraction offers visitors an opportunity to indulge in delicious chocolate treats while admiring the stunning desert scenery.

The factory tour provides insights into how their chocolates are made, from sourcing ingredients to packaging. You can even sample some of their signature creations for free! The on-site store also has a wide range of chocolates available for purchase if you want to bring some back home.

After satisfying your sweet cravings, take a leisurely stroll through the botanical cactus gardens where over 300 species of cacti and succulents thrive in perfect harmony with the surrounding terrain. The gardens offer spectacular views during sunset when everything turns golden.

One highlight of this attraction is its holiday lights display during Christmas season where all 3-acres are decorated with over half-million sparkling lights creating an enchanting atmosphere that will leave you mesmerized.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens provide visitors with more than just delightful treats but also opportunities to experience captivating landscapes showcasing the natural beauty that surrounds Las Vegas.

Price: Free


Las Vegas is a city that offers endless possibilities to explore, and the best part is that many of these experiences are free. Vegas is not just gambling, drinking and hookers. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or planning an extended stay, there’s always something new and exciting to discover without breaking the bank.

From strolling along The Strip and taking in the bright lights of Las Vegas Boulevard to exploring natural wonders like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, there’s no shortage of things to do in this vibrant city.

So next time you find yourself in Las Vegas on a budget, don’t worry – just follow our guide to enjoy some amazing free or cheap activities that will make your trip unforgettable we promise!

NB: The above prices and details will change over time, please refer to the original mentioned source for the latest information.

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