Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most beloved talk show hosts on the air today. She is well known for her sense of humor but also famed for her generosity to people in her audience and to charitable causes. Multitudes of guests on her show have come away with millions of dollars in cash and gifts over the many years the show has been running since 2003.

If you like this game you will love the Ellen’s Have a Little Fun Today slot machine.

Ellen’s Dance Party App – Let’s Shake it 🙂

There are a plethora of games that have been played on her show, but today we will focus on her Ellen’s Dance Party. This is a slot machine game that has recently become available in the app store for smartphones everywhere. It is part of the Double Down application which contains other similar casino style games. Ellen also states that she has this real-life slot machine in casinos across the country.

App Debut on the Show

In this clip of her show, Ellen is debuting her game in a real-world style simulation. She has pre-selected a guest from her audience to play. When she calls the guests name you can see the girl is absolutely delighted. Quite literally the girl shrieks with delight and almost seems like she is hyperventilating on stage. I can’t say that I blame her.

As Ellen’s guest Katrina is called on, the host has one of her employees come out in a somewhat seductive cocktail dress and serve her a tropical style cocktail. Ellen jokes that her employee is looking for a boyfriend and that Ellen has made it her mission to find the girl one.

After the cocktail is served, young Katrina is tasked with pushing a button not dissimilar to a button for contemporary electronic slot machines. The game feed for the slot machine is digitally projected on the stage where we can see the five slot match-up options.

Bonus Features of Note

There are multipliers and bonus options in the app that makes the game seem very generous. There is also a selection for free coins that seems to lead to a commercial that needs to be watched in order to win the free credits.

After Katrina plays her first spin an animated Ellen comes out and dances on the screen in a funny performance and a video clip of Ellen saying something funny about her mother follows. Katrina lined up all five slots and won a bunch of credits with her first spin. In the second spin Katrina fails to line up the slots but hits a multiplier and an option titled the Wheel of Riches.

The Wheel of Riches – oh so cool

The wheel of riches seems to be a mini-game within the Dance Party slot machine where the player can win extra cash. In the clip however, Katrina is taken to a real-life game show wheel with numerous options around the sides. The funniest of which are “Win Ellen underwear” and “Give Ellen $100”, but there are actually cash value prizes on the wheel as well.

How about 5 Grand 🙂

As Katrina spins it becomes clear that someone is physically manipulating the wheel to make it land on “Win Ellen Underwear”, which gives the audience a laugh. Katrina however seems just as happy with that option as she would have with the top prize of $5,000. She tries to prance off of the stage, but Ellen insists she gives it a second spin.

Katrina’s second spin actually lands on “Give Ellen $100”, just barely missing the $5,000 prize option. As the audience laughs uncontrollably an invisible hand guides the wheel on to the $5,000 option. Katrina shrieks again in delight as Ellen hands her $5,000 in cash. As

End Summary Ellen’s Dance Party App

Ellen dismisses the show for a commercial break she hugs Katrina. Katrina’s expression is hilarious as it almost looks like she is in pain, but Ellen embraces her and its obvious that the girl is overwhelmed with happiness and all that paper stuff called cash.

** General overview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or real money land casino version of Ellen’s Dance Party App by IGT – Video source Ellen Tube TV Channel **

Game Play
84 %
Wow Factor
90 %
Eye Candy
94 %
85 %
Player Votes
86 %
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