The Bunny’s Rabbits slot machine game began with 800 winning credits, a bet of 160 and 460 Credit points. The first turn was a lucky one as the player got a Witch in the bottom line of the second row. When the witch made a circle with her stick, it activated the Knight in the last fifth row of the second line, thus creating a Bunny Knight in blue cape.

Bunny’s Rabbits Slots Now This is Fun

The Witch symbol also activated the Bunny positioned in the first line of second row and six Nines scattered across the reels. Three Nine symbols were located in the first row of the first line, second, and bottom line. The fourth and fifth Nine symbols were in the third line, with the sixth Nine symbol in the last row of the bottom line.

The second turn won him one more Witch. Like in the spin before, the Witch symbol activated other symbols. This time, it was an orange Cat which transformed into a Bunny having orange background, then three Bunny Knights with blue caps, and one Queen sign. The Witch symbol was now positioned in the third line of the first row, while the Bunny transformed from a Cat symbol was in the last line of the second row.

The Wins Begin Yeay !

Bunny Knights in blue caps happened to be in the second, third and fourth row. The first Bunny Knight was now in the second row of first line, second Bunny Knight was located in the third row of the third line, and the third Bunny Knight was positioned in the fourth row of the third line. Additional points were won with the Queen symbol in the second row, third line. The total sum of points at this moment was of 3760.

The third spin brought more luck. Symbols for Queen, Ace and two Tens were activated and blinking. The Queen symbol was in the first row, second line, whilst the first Ten being also in the first row but the third line and second Ten were in the last row of the last line. The symbol representing Ace was located in the fourth row of the bottom line.

Apart from these, three Bunnies were also activated. First Bunny had orange background and was positioned in the first line of the first row, while the second orange Bunny was in the second row of bottom line. The Bunny Knight with blue cape was now in the first row at the bottom line.

But Wait There’s More Bunny Wins

In the following spin, the player he got four Bunny Knights in blue caps, one Bunny with a purple background, and two Bunnies with orange background. In the second line were two Bunny Knights located in the first and last row, while the second row had Ten symbol activated while the third row had King Symbol activated.

The third line in the first row had an Ace symbol, second row a Bunny with purple background, third row a Jack symbol, and fourth row had a Bunny with orange background. The bottom line was filled with Bunny luck, having two Bunny Knights in the first and third rows and a Bunny with orange background in the second row.

The last row of the bottom line was filled with symbols for Nine. In addition to these great winnings was also an activated Jack symbol in the first line of second row. Winning score was at this point 7600 in total.

The last turn brought about a third row activation and with a symbol for Ace in the first row, symbol for Queen in the second row, Bunny Knight in third row and a Bunny with orange background in the fourth row. Third row was also activated in second and fourth line with Ace symbols.

Game Summary

Bunny’s Rabbits game ended with a win of 7840 in total which was pretty dam good.

** General overview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or real money land casino version of Bunny’s Rabbits slots by Aristocrat. Nice video win courtesy of The Big Payback Slot Video Channel **

Game Play
85 %
Wow Factor
70 %
Eye Candy
65 %
60 %
Player Votes
64 %
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