The video accounts perfect symphony between entertainment and money yielding jackpot machine. The games were enriched with high return profits. There were a total of five games in the video. The first was the Barkin’ Baker slots, the second was the New Heidi, the third was the Fortune animal and following these games were Chilli-Chilli Fire and Jungle Wild.

The jackpot games create enthusiasm and drive the player towards bonuses, wins, and insane profits. Some of the amusing and splendid highlights throughout the games were; at 11:08 when the player cashed a profit $173.50 and made a total sum of $247.50 in Chilli Chilli Fire. But the best winning moment was when the player received a payout of $394.30 at 1:43 with the pay lines which stated as,” Three Hundred Ninety-Four Dollars and Thirty Cents.”

Barkin’ Baker Slots Highlights

Every game had their own symbols that signified the glory and values of their bonuses and wins. In the Barkin’ Baker, the symbols were a parachute, an Eiffel tower, king, queen, joker, ace. The symbols that made most bonuses and profit to the player were Hut and Beer. Their clash was amazing.

The player at 0:11 started with credit 12750 with a bet of $4 until at 1:23 when the player won the cash money of $254.00. The best bonus feature was at 0:32 when the player won a Wild bonus with a credit of 21600. The next huge victory at 0:43 with a return of $194.

New Heidi Slots Highlights 

New Heidi blessed the player with insane money. In New Heidi, the symbols were a Beer, Country-side man, a beautiful lady, poker cards symbols like Heart, Spade, Diamond, Ace, and Hut. Some of the best winning moments in the game were Pretzel Jackpot Award at 2:01. The highlights of the games were at 4:24 the player won a profit of $124.28 profit with the current balance of $354.28.

Just in a couple of seconds, he made that sum from $230. It also allowed the player to taste a bonus victory of 10 more spins at 2:21.

Some good bonus wins were won in this session. The symbols of the game were an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Joker, and the Ferocious Lion. It also had window gate bonuses from which the player made massive credits on profit.

The best winning moment in the game was at 5:34 where the player made a bonus victory of 1600 credit award. At 5:34 the player had made the highest award of $172.80 with a profit of $162.80.

Chilli Chilli Fire Slots Highlights

Chilli-Chilli Fire also made its player loads and loads of profit. It was like a real jackpot game. Its symbols were crossed Red-Green chili, Guitar, Peacock, Egyptian Treasure, a beautiful Lady and a fire exhaling mustache man.

The best winning moment in the game was at 9:03 when the player won 19200 credit bonus and a total sum of profit of $428.96. The following are the highlighted winning moments at 6:07 credit award of 8800 and at 7:19 with credit award and profit of 12960, $234 respectively.

Jungle Wild Slots Highlights

Jungle Wild dazzling best winning moment was at 11:08, the player made $173.50 profit with total through game awards worth of $247.50. The symbols of the game were Crocodile, Wild Diamond, Piranha Fish. Hence some nice wins made these games super to play.

**Review and preview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad app, iPhone, Android or real money land casino version of Barkin’ Baker slots by Konami**

Game Play
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Wow Factor
68 %
Eye Candy
64 %
66 %
Player Votes
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