This video features a YouTube video recorded and uploaded by Slotlady channel. In the video, she films herself playing the National Lampoon’s Vacation slot machine and ends up winning her highest amount of jackpot ever from this slot machine at the time of recording.

About The Vacation Slot Machine

National Lampoon’s Vacation is a slot machine developed by WMS and it’s themed on the 1983 popular movie which goes by the same name. The film revolves around Griswold family as they embark on their epic road trip to an awesome theme park in California, Walley World.

By adding this touch of comedy, WMS has tried to add a light-hearted side to gaming through the introduction of this famous classic movie.

Quick Start of the Vacation Slot Machine

The outer physical appearance of this slot has will make the lovers of the original movie fall in love with the game just at first sight. It is enclosed on a stunning cabinet that has been well designed. There is a large unit containing stunning two 40-inch displays, the vertical one allowing the user to interact with the game and the other one sitting on top with a landscape orientation.

At the top end, you will find the wheel feature which features some of the main characters from the film adding the authentic touch to draw in the movie lovers. The game also has some large and vibrant screens that keep you entertained throughout your game time with video footage from the film bringing into life all those nostalgic memories.

Main Features Of The Game

This game features a 4×5 set of reels having 40 paylines. The way it is set, the players creates a winning combination from the left to the right side of the display which is accomplished with the help of the following symbols.

Game Symbols Summary

National Lampoon’s Vacation features several symbols with most of them trying to remain true to the original film.

The base symbols include

Love Me, license plate, Pond, Wooden Hut, Cash Register, TV, Walley Hat, White Shoes.

Wild symbols in the game

The Vacation and Jackpot symbols which serve as wilds to all the above-mentioned symbols but not to each other. If a player manages to get 5 Jackpot symbols on the first line while having placed a max bet, the player is awarded with the top progressive.

Special Features Explained

  • Wheel Bonus Summary

This is one of the most rewarding features in the game. To trigger the Wheel Bonus, you will need to get at least 3 Wheel Bonus symbols, not necessarily in the same order. Getting three of them rewards you with single wheel spin, 4 provided you with a spin and an additional 5x total bet. If you manage to get all 5 rewards you with the spin and 20x total bet.

The spins can reward you with either of the following; Multipliers – ranging from 300 to 30,000. 2x – this special multiplier is given for all the wheel wins and comes with an extra spin. However, the player can only trigger it only twice at max.

  • Cousin Eddie Bonus

It triggers the bonus of Griswold family vacation. The player is normally presented with a screen with several options to choose from. The pick reveals different symbols including Aunt Edna. This further presents you with a pick field of 5 with different credits ranging from 1-2x of the total bet or the other symbol that returns you to the bonus. In the event that the player chooses a credit prize, it leads to the end of the bonus feature.

  • Marty Moose Bonus

This features triggers the Walley World bonus and awards the player with a total of 8 free spins. The bonus kicks off with a bonus ranging between 7 and 20x of the total bet.

If the Balloon symbol appears, the win will increase by 10 to 20x total bet. When the reel spin starts, any Marty Moose symbol collected previously is normally shifted left by 1 reel and those in the reel 1 are removed from the screen before the determination of a payout.

At the end of reels spins, the symbols collected during the free spins will be revealed with the exception of the Balloon.

A Basic Narrative Of The Video

In this video, Slotlady begins the game by putting $100 and a max bet of $ 3.60 while setting the slot machine at the option of High Frequency.

She sets of the game on a good mood by bagging some wins in the few first spins like at 0:33 when she gets Jackpot and Vacation symbols which reward her with a win of $3.30. This is followed by some other several small wins but she states that her main goal in this session would be to get at least three Wheel Bonus symbols which would put her in a prime position to win huge amounts of money.

The only time she came close to achieving such a feat was at 0:26 when she managed to get two Wheel Bonus symbols. The other instances so far in the game we see her getting either one or none of these symbols that she is so much after.

Just a Few Small Vacation Wins

Noteworthy, this is not the only top value combination. Still, in the game, we can see moments where she manages to get some high-value combinations that when combined they can result in a huge amount. Most of these occur when she gets at least two wilds like for example at 1:07 where she gets a win of $5.40.

At 1:11, she comes close again to hitting her target but only manages to get two Wheel Bonus symbols but she still remains hopeful. She gets $3.90 at 1:23 but this is followed by an uneventful period where she doesn’t get any win for several spins. In those subsequent spins, it’s either she gets nothing or wins a very small amount of money and which doesn’t happen so often.

No Fun on this Vacation Thus Far

This goes on for quite some time and disappointment seems to have started kicking in. Eventually, her initial $100 is drained and she is forced to start afresh with another $100 as seen at 2:48. This time around, she really hopes it will augur well for her and reward her handsomely.

It seems to be a great start as her first spin rewards her with a win of $3.00 as seen at 2:53 followed by another win of $3.60 at 2:57.

The bonus moments starts kicking off at 3:06 where she triggers the special bonus feature where a car is seen going through the reels revealing various bonus symbols and ends up by rewarding her with $1.80 at 3:12 although it is evident she was expecting a bigger win.

Steady Little Wins But Nothing Big

Much to her delight, her biggest win so far in the game follows shortly after at 3:20 as she manages to get a win of $22.50 after getting three wilds and other high-value symbols in the same spin. She also gets another $2.10 at 3:31 but struggles to bag another major win in the subsequent spins after getting $2.70 at 3:37.

At 4:02, she gets a win of $6.60 and seems to set off a period of luck as just a short moment later at 4:15 she gets another $9.00. Compared to the previous spins, this time around she doesn’t struggle a lot to get a win as at 4:32 she also manages to bag $3.90 and another $3.60 at $4.56.

At 5:13, she triggers another special bonus feature of House of Mud which ends up rewarding her with a win of $16.80 as seen at 5:19. However, she still keeps her hope alive of getting the wheel bonus.

Griswold Family Vacation Bonus Won

Her ultimate wish in the game is finally granted at 5:23 as she manages to get three Wheel Bonus symbols to her greatest delight. She is then taken to the top screen in which a wheel spins and rewards her with the Griswold Family Vacation Bonus.

This section of the bonus begins with a selection filed with 42 picks available for selection. She then picks randomly from the options given to her to reveal different prizes until she picks one which opens another selection field whereby she is prompted to “pick an Edna.”

She is lucky to select the one with a “Return to Bonus” symbol because if she had selected one with a credit prize, the bonus feature would have ended.

Back to the bonus screen, she continues selecting from the options and this time around, she chooses the one that reveals the “Jump the Rail” symbol. What follows is a well-crafted graphics footage which begins by her sliding the vehicle to one side of the screen to set it off.

It then goes through various credits until it lands at what looks like a blue water ditch with 2880 and then settles at 2x multiplier.

Great Picks are Happening

Shen is then taken back to the 42 options selection field and continues with her selection. The bonus feature seems to be coming to an end at 7:30 when she selects the 360 credits symbols instead of the Return To Bonus symbols.

What follows is another selection field screen with several sandwiches in which she has to select one. She is all-smiles after managing to choose the one that reveals 5x multiplier.

Final Vacation Slots Wins Summary

The bonus feature proves to be very rewarding as it can be seen that it ends up giving her a massive win of $464.40 as seen at 7:55 and clearly she can’t hide her happiness at the sight of such a big win.

At the end of the game, she cashes out a total of $502.70 from the National Lampoon’s Vacation slot machine developed by WMS.

About the 1983 Movie Vacation

Clark Griswold aka Chevy Chase is a goofy salesman who is residing in Chicago. He and his wife Ellen aka Beverly D’Angelo and his two kids Rusty and Audrey embark on a vacation across the USA headed for the Los Angeles fun park Walley World. It’s a real funny movie from start to finish and a must watch Chevy Chase flick.

**Review of the free or real money online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android app, or land casino version of Vacation slots by WMS – Video source Slotlady Channel**

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