Jade Elephant is a 5-reel slot game by WMS Gaming. By matching at least 3 Jade Elephants on the reels, players can enter a bonus multiplier stage to increase their credit winnings. 1 credit equals 1 dollar in the video game play noted.

The bonus stage is a bit like a scratch-off game. The on-screen hostess presents a screen of Jade Elephant balloons that you can pop off by touching the elephant on the screen, revealing a bonus multiplier.

Multipliers can double (2x) winnings, triple (3x) winnings, win free spins, or add multiple Wild On bonuses that act as free winning pieces on the reels.

When you win a bonus stage, you can pop as many Jade Elephant balloons as you won on the reel. You need a minimum of 3 to win bonus stage access, so you can pop a minimum of 3 Jade Elephant balloons or a maximum of 5.

Let’s Play Jade Elephant Slot 

In this session, Sarah runs two $100 playthroughs. She playing $4 bets, and is letting the reel run its full course for most of the session.

There are a few small victories, but a lot of no-payout rolls. Lots of multiple fan wins and Jade Elephant Wild On rolls deliver a little bit of payout, and one major early win comes from getting 5 golden serpents for a 300 credit win.

Great Bonuses Won in Jade Elephant Slots

Sarah gets 1 Bonus Room win on the first $1000. In this first win, Sarah gets 3 bonuses:

• Scatter
• 3 Wild On
• 3x Multiplier

After the bonus room, the player wins 520 bonus credits, taking her from 310 credits ($31.00) to 870 credits ($87.00). She eventually hits game over with $2 left on an agonizing 2 Jade Elephant loss.

Sarah puts in the second $100 for a total of $102 and rolls until she gets a second Jade Elephant bonus room. This is another 3-elephant win with the following bonuses:

• 3x Multiplier
• 5 Wild On
• 3 Free Spins

Bonus Symbols of Note

• 4x Jade Elephant logo
• 3x Jade Elephant logo
• 3x Jade Elephant logo and 2x Lady
• 3x Jade Elephant logo, Gold Coin, and Gold Letter
• 3x Jade Elephant logo and Fan.
• 2x Gold Pieces, Lady, and Jade Elephant logo.

This roll wins a 4440 credits ($444.00). Sarah continues to play for a few smaller wins, such as Gold Dragon and Fan victories.

The total for this Jade Elephant bonus stage is 4560 credits ($456.00). After landing on the main roll screen again, she gets a triple fireworks festival victor that sends her winnings up to 533 credits ($533.00).

Sarah tries for back-to-back bonuses, but her winnings this time are from red letters and 4 fan rolls. These smaller wins stabilize, then slightly increase the rest of her plays.

She manages to gain a little over $40 in smaller winnings after that big win. For slot machine safety, it looks like Sarah is setting $500 as her stopping point to avoid losing her great winnings in a battle of attrition.

Summary Notes

Sarah cashes out of Jade Elephant with $501 after an initial investment of $200, with total profit of about $300.

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