Everyone surely remembers the Flintstones TV shows and movies with Fred, Barney, Betty, Wilma, Dino and Bamm-Bam. What else can you want if one of your favourite TV shows comes as a slot machine in a casino? The Flintstones slot machine is a fun game with enough prizes and features that will make you go ‘yabba dabba doo’. Well that’s if you get a few wins with the help from that modern stone age family.

The Flintstones About The Game 

The Flintstones slot machine from WMS is a great tribute to the theme. It has 5 reels and 2 purple and 2 orange rows. The Flintstones theme song plays in the background of the game. The symbols in the game consist of everything Flintstones was made of.

These symbols include the characters and the various objects that belong to the Flintstones. The players get to enjoy the visual and the cry of ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ when a bonus is achieved.

Game Play Highlights

The video has featured the Flintstones’ Slot Machine in a hotel-casino in Las Vegas. As you can see the lady places a $100 bet for herself and wishes to take it high. As shown a blue colour bird is seen running the wheel that changes the reels in the game.

The game begins where she is searching to get Barney in the first reel and Fred in the Bonus card on the last reel.

There are a few spins that do not yield much to her but are based on getting the corresponding characters in the first 3 reels.

Bonus Wins of Note

As you see the first big win is at 1:52 minutes when the slot hits a bonus with the Fred in the first reel and Barney in the last reel and you hear the famous Yabba Dabba Doo. When the bonus appears, the cute symbol of the Dino playing with Freddy appears on the side and bonus is calculated to be 3204 points that gives a boost of approximately $37 to the player.

The free spins have different symbols on the reels. When a spin stops, they get locked and you win an amount depending on the landing. However, you cannot crack the code of bonuses as how they appear and how much you can win as you know.

As it appears the money is exhausted and she places another $100 bet and the game starts again. At 3:58 minutes she hits bonus again. The wild cards keep appearing on screen and the rows are stretched upwards. Now it is 7 rows instead of 4 and the wild cards start to appear in all and she wins a small amount of $18.

Then again at 5:02 minutes you see that the bonus appears again and Wilma appears and the in the similar way the user gets a bonus of $165 this time which is the highest till now. After that, there are few spins that give her little wins and finally, she leaves the game at $296.

Summary of the Game

The last amount that you see on the screen is $206. However, the game ends abruptly and she states she has gone up to $296 in the game. It appears from the video that the game is tough as she has done better in other games. Overall the Flintstones has a fun theme but that ain’t paying the bills too well in this slot game play.

** Generic guide and video preview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad app, iPhone, Android or real money land casino version of The Flintstones WMS slots game. Video source Slot Lady Video Channel **

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