Sarah the Slotlady mentions she’s about to max spin on a 280 bet on the Star Spangled Riches Slots from Incredible Technologies. It’s an unpretentious intro to a sweet win, and on a moderately popular game at that.

Let’s Play Star Spangled Riches Slots

The marching band sounds tend to drown Sarah’s low key play-by-play. “It’s a scatter pick,” she announces in a snooker commentator’s tone. She’s gradually earning bonus credits through standard patriotic symbols on the slots. One half-expects a turtle symbol to come on, as it’s going to be a slow-but-steady-wins-the-race game.

Only three seconds into the game and already, 5 new instructions flash under the slots. Some of them are striped red, white, and blue, making the MEGA CASH REELS bonus barely readable. Winning isn’t going to be easy, with the slot requiring 5 free spins to unlock the bonus feature.

Free Spins Bonus Awarded

The background band’s drum roll seems the only indication Sarah is getting close to earning a bonus. It takes her nearly two minutes to be awarded 8 free spins. She looks up, but things don’t seem to look up much. A cluster of Free Spin symbols appears, indicating 16 more free spins. Fireworks, confetti, gold coins, and bright dollar bills—the Star Spangled Riches fill the screen.

More Retriggers of Free Spins

Suddenly, the game seems to pick up. Sarah keeps hitting retriggers. The Eagles and statues of liberty are spinning faster. The Big Win is a leap by the thousands in credit. Sarah earns over 12,000 points and $189 in this round.

Her win drops shortly after though in the next round. It drops by $6 faster than she could say “Well, that was fun.”

The slot seems to be big on rewarding conventional patterns more than the straightforward repetition. This is a distracting layer, though it surprisingly adds character to a somewhat sterile game. It also feels like a player needs to put in tons more effort to earn a small bonus.

That Dam Drum roll sound

Players can’t rely on the drum roll sound as a signal for a huge upcoming bonus, as Sarah discovers. “Sometimes it gets you excited…” she comments. Sometimes, it only means the song is about to start afresh.

The Fast Line Pays of Note

Sarah hits the Fast Line, where a row of different symbols is formed. She jumps from $156 to $173. She doesn’t gain much of an increase in credits. She hits Fast Line a second time, but she doesn’t earn the same “Big Stacks” she did in the earlier one. Her third Fast Line yields to a Big Win with a couple of thousands in credits. But at this point, her viewers’ eyes are glazing over.

More Free Spins Won

She gets the same 8 free spins she won earlier, though this time she barely notices she’s hit 5 Free Spins. Shortly after, a solid cluster of symbols forms on the slot and she wins big. “There’s the double-up.” She’s at $200 and over 3,300 credits.

The many viewers probably wish to ask her how this happened and how they can do the same. But Sarah doesn’t fully understand it either. More points accrue when 6 Free Spin symbols are highlighted, though Sarah and the viewers previously read it takes 5 Free Spins to reach a bonus. The line that follows, “18 or more of each symbol pays its top award” doesn’t offer any explanation for this. Whatever.

Final Video Summary

Another round begins but it’s mercifully cut short. Sarah comes on the screen again to report she’s cashing in the $200.40 for a profit of $140. She should take a poll on whether she deserved to take home the $200 instead. She’d gets mostly Aye.

“That was fun,” she concludes, matter-of-fact. Viewers are then reminded to subscribe to all her social media. Where most YouTubers are only on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Sarah’s on Twitch, Patreon, and other more current apps. Her custom Slotlady shirt with a cheery yellow emblem is quite cool.

A lot of effort goes to marketing her online game play, and she remarkably attracts many thousands of views as her videos are always entertaining to watch.

Star Spangled Riches Slot Bonuses

A big shout out for the old red, white and blue from Incredible Technologies. The Star Spangled Riches is just one mega sized slot party in celebration of all bits and bobs that Americans love.

It has an awesome genre of patriotic images and heaps of bonus features. It also has the Connecting Scatter Ways which is an easy to comprehend pay system that awards the player any time five or more symbols land on screen of the same image.

Mystery Stacks of symbols, (not seen) hide under the USA flag, they can reveal to any symbol like the wild and the free spin scatter images

You should pay close attention as the Fast Line Multiplier Feature can be won on any spin with a scatter image right in the middle reel. You can get up to 100 free bonus spins in this great slot game from Incredible Technologies.

**Review of the free or real money online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android app, or land casino version of Star Spangled Riches Slots by Incredible Technologies – Video source Slotlady Channel**

Game Play
67 %
Wow Factor
70 %
Eye Candy
78 %
65 %
Player Votes
71 %
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