A awesome Vegas Low Roller slot machine big win bonus video from The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada playing the iconic Prophecy pokies machine by Aristocrat.

The player can immediately tell that this game has been deeply embedded in this man’s family and life growing up, as he speaks about it being his “moms favourite game.”

Prophecy Slots by Aristocrat Let’s Get Going

The game starts out exciting at the 48-second mark when the player wins a crystal ball and the ability to “re-trigger” or in other words, play his luck again. This man is incredibly animated, as he narrates his journey and emotions throughout his experience at Prophecy slots. At 1 minute 37 seconds, he indicated that he has 18 more tries and 22 spins, laying it out his face clearly for the viewer, and becoming increasingly excited with each spin.

2 Minute Mark The Fun Begins

At around the 2-minute mark, you hear the man explain that he needs 2 quills per spin, indicating that those symbols are what would make him at lucky winner at Prophecy slots. Then again at 2 minutes 50 seconds, he explains that he has 13 more spins and 15 games,

making the player even more engaged at such exciting possibilities. If you don’t understand how slot machines work, the player makes it easy as he explains that things are looking good, and verbally says “c’mon” “quills more quills” suggesting that those items would seal his fate on Prophecy slot. (well it’s worth a shot right 🙂 )

At the 4 minute 5 second mark he really takes you on his journey, as he says “ok guys, talking to you” really engaging and taking the viewer along for the ride with him. Again at the 5 minute 2-second mark he gets lucky and explains “whef, that was close.”

5 Minute Mark Some Bucks

Finally, at the 5 minutes 30-second mark, he excitedly accepts his prize of $442.02.
Just when the viewer feels ready for more, the video takes a shift, and you are able to enjoy the second video of this man playing the machines again.

Final summary Prophecy slots by Aristocrat

This is an excellent transition as the excitement of the man transcends into the next video. Sealing his fate at Prophecy slots, watch as he takes another stab at lady luck.

The passion to win and stay persistent without pressing his luck increases as he takes the viewer on his journey gambling at Prophecy Slots. The player asks the machine for prophets, quills: also known as medieval feather pens, and different sorcerers stones and images of the like, all that earn him money.

However, the image that wins the most money are the quills, which you can hear the player ask for repeatedly. Is the player asking for his lucky fate from the sorcerer, or is the nature of the game at Prophecy Slots.

**Review of the free or real money online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android app, or land casino version of Prophecy pokies by Aristocrat – Video source Vegas Low Roller Channel**

Game Play
84 %
Wow Factor
78 %
Eye Candy
75 %
78 %
Player Votes
68 %
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