The company Aristocrat is the proud manufacturer of the world’s best poker machines (slots). They operate a licensed business, which has produced thousands of games till date and is operating in more than 1200 countries.

Aristocrat started its venture in 1953 and has since then, promised to produce diverse and even more exciting casinos. Aristocrat is one of the leading companies to produce slot machines, and has introduced a new craze in the market by the name Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo.’

Despite their global presence and high demand, they have never compromised in generating tough and challenging ideas for competitors. If you fancy some slot games then this is the new game changer titled “Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo”, which premiered in 2018. This is an Asian themed slot game and features their famous Choy character, here as well.

About the Game Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo

There is nothing easier then to spin the wheels and watch yourself make some good bonuses and jackpots. All you need is good credit to play some everlasting trials. To top all that, the credit also increases with the wins you claim from the machine.

Aristocrat’s famous Choy character is loved by all and it’s a presence in your rows 2, 3 and 4 enable you to win tremendous credits, bonuses, and jackpots.

Unlike other previous versions by the company, Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo is designed, to bring you more joys of winning free trials and small bonuses and not leaving you empty-handed by the end of the game. A good prayer may even bring luck to you and line your pockets with hundreds of dollars.

This game under the Gold Stacks family also has a pokies game called Lunar Festival and it’s just as much fun if you get a chance to play it at your local casino. We have not yet seen a free or real money online version of Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo or Lunar Festival.

Bonus Features a Plenty

The Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo game, allows as many multiplayer as you want. What makes it different from Aristocrat’s previous slot games is the bonus and fresh replacement of symbols before each reel, making fair chances of winning something bigger on each round.

The most exciting of all is that at the end when you pick a symbol the machine adds credit awards to the bonus prize. To prompt jackpots, you need the wild symbols to appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. The game has great potential to make you win great bonuses and have enjoyed playing experience.

How to Play Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo

The rules of Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo, entail following points: Whenever one or more Choy symbols appear, there is a chance that the jackpot feature is triggered. When this happens, 12 gold crowns appear for your selection. Touch a gold crown, to reveal hidden bonuses in form of mini, major or grand prizes.

When a major bonus is revealed, you win up to 1000 or 5000 credits. Minor symbol wins you 1000 or 500 credits and mini wins you 250 or 500 credits. When three matching symbols are revealed, a jackpot is triggered off the majority symbol. After the jackpot feature ends all mini, major and minor symbols are reset to zero.

Pay-outs Offered by This Pokie

The Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo video, starts by featuring its 3 bonus types on board: Mini at $12.93, minor at $38.18 and major at $26,028.72. Before the game starts, there is a fair chance to gain jackpots on reels 2, 3 and 4, after which the trigger changes the symbol to Choy.

The game also offers free 8, 12 or 20 games after reels 3, 4 or 5 gains the same symbol. There is a possibility of winning major bonuses on even free trials, offered via jackpots.

Payouts Won in The Video

The video demonstrates a 3 multiplayer game by the numbers 3, 6 and 10. On the first attempt, time mentioned is 1:46 and won a total 2023 mini bonus (award credits) with zero jackpots. At the time, 1:58 Choy symbol’s appearance allowed the player to win a mini credit of 2 dollars.

Time 2:08, shows a good jackpot winning 76 dollars for the player. Remaining good wins, were noticed at 244 ($153), 5:10 ($172), 8 23($76), 11:19 ($51), 11:36 (6356 credits). After every game, the player won exciting mini jackpot awards on selection.

The player also won a minor award at 7:55 ending the game and winning him a substantial $56. The game also won the player an exciting eight free extra turns.

Summary Notes Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo

The only thing, that’s a bit disappointing about Gold Stacks 88 Dancing Foo, is the award selection at the end of each game. The selection automatically chooses the mini bonus in majority every time the player in this video played the game approximately 10 times and won minor only once, as the machine didn’t offer game end awards other than the mini jackpot.

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