Slot machines in a casino can be quite tricky. Risking hard earned cash to take home prize money is a heart grabbing endeavor. Taking this risk to bring home the “Big Bucks” can sometimes be rewarding. In a Youtube video by NG Slot, a casino player gives the viewer a first hand account of taking home some hefty earnings.

The player starts the video just after taking a seat at the Gold Bonanza slot machine with $200 at risk to take home big. This slot machine is a very aesthetic electronic slot machine with some classic symbols to key the player into a simple yet eye grabbing understanding of the game.

Let’s Play Gold Bonanza Slots 

The electronic screen above the slot animation features a massive grand prize of $3,892.12, with other jackpots including a “Major” ($550.43), “Minor” ($36.18), and “Mini” ($23.52). To the left of these outstanding prizes is a human-like gold bar, boxing gloves in both hands.

The spin wheel itself is electronic with many very detailed designs in the rows. From the very basic J, Q, K, 10, and 9, to some more advanced designs such as a stack of coins and a menacing looking purple piggy bank.

There is also a golden key overlaying a jade green background and a stack of rolled up cash which begs to be won. The columns are lined with golden bars on a ruby red  background with created an outstanding effect on the machine.

The machine is designed to be very user friendly, with the player credit (in cash) on the lower left, the players bet in the center with the bet multiplier just above it, and finally on the right side is the players winnings for that round (Also in cash.)

The Wins Start Happening

The player takes his first spin with $6.00 on the line but comes up unlucky. After putting the game volume all the way up with the convenient volume slider in the lower left, he gives the machine another crank, leading to the middle column showing a “Wild” symbol in front of a golden star.

This pays him out a fast $2.00. The player continues to crank on the lever, revealing some very interesting features about the Gold Bonanza slot machine such as the randomly appearing “Bet Multiplier” which, if the player wins anything, will multiply their winnings by 10.

As the player is spinning, the symbols which appear in the columns could lead to some large earnings. For example. an entire column of large purple piggy banks appear during one spin which, when combined with a piggy bank in an adjacent row, turned out $4.00 to the player.

Great Bonus Features Gold Bonanza Slots

Another feature of the machine is the randomly appearing “Dollar Sign” ($) symbols wrapped in gold leafs. These lead to a mini game where the player selects certain row combinations and receives eight free spins in his case.

The other options are ten and twelve free spins with the trade off of a lesser chance of winning. This turns the player out $108.00, keeping him well into the game to earn more cash.

Following this, the camera cuts forward to the player winning the same mini game bonus where he selects the same option and turns over big winnings. The player finishes the game with $255.50 in total earnings, well above what he started with. However, the player decides to keep pushing on in hopes of winning larger.

Time to Cash Out Big Time

Throughout the video, the player cuts to his next mini game multiple times, in one case where his bets were only $1.80, hindering his earnings. However, in this mini game, the player keeps striking lucky, earning 5 free games many during it, bringing him to 53 games in total during the mini game. This cashes him out with a hefty $226.50. This brings the players total to $318.20 where he cashes out with $118.20 in profits from this one slot machine.

Summary Notes Gold Bonanza Pokies

The Gold Bonanza Slot machine turned this player out with some major earnings in a very exciting game. This pokie machine puts the pressure on the player during the experience of playing the game. The winnings from this machine turned this player quite a hefty sum of cash to walk away with and ended the day with a happy gambler.

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