Like any slot game it is always more exciting to play when we fully understand what the game is about. Much more fun to watch a game of sports for example if we understand the rules of the game first just like playing slot machines but without breaking a sweat.

About Cleopatra 2 Slots Machine by IGT

If you are an old hand at this IGT game then understanding it won’t be a problem as it’s pretty simple overall. But if you are interested to take the time to check the description available on YouTube.

While the intro part of the description doesn’t look like it has much to show us but when you click on the read more, the rules are outlined for you so that you can better understand the game.

This video is shot by The Big Payback. The Big Payback brings you the most exciting videos from casinos in the USA. Their stated goal is not only to bring to you great entertainment value but provide a way for people to learn how to play.

*NB – This Cleopatra 2 IGT slot guide is generic in nature as several different versions of this game may have been released for free play online at Double Down and for online casino players at select casinos here* Images below from the free online version of Cleopatra 2.

Let’s Play Cleopatra 2 Slots

The video itself while a little shaky in places but still watchable, shows you clearly how the Cleopatra II slot game is somewhat different from the original version that’s loved the world over. The payouts are better but the amount of time you might spend in between waiting for a hit goes much longer than hoped for in the video.

Ok let’s Get Some Wins

There are 20 paylines and for each spin, you get to choose how much you are willing to bet. Watching this game, it goes steady at the beginning few minutes with a few small wins it isn’t until after two and a half minutes that our player finally wins 4000 points for a total win of $80. It takes another two and a half minutes before he does the same winning 4000 points for a total of $80.

The Free Spins are Coming

But what he is searching for is that bonus round. Which is only triggered when you land on 3 or more bonus symbols. And finally, he does at 5:39 in the video. How many free spins you end up with depends on how many bonus symbols got you into the bonus round combined with which one of three choices that you pick as you enter the bonus round.

With a free spin total of 1385 points, this increased his winnings by only $33, so it wasn’t the big payoff that every player hopes for when they finally get the chance to be in the bonus round.

The Cleopatra II Slot Game as we already mentioned can challenge you, making you wait for that next decent size win. Our player almost hits the end and you think just one more bet and you are going to be out, and he bounces back at 9:11 with 8000 points which gets him back in the game-winning $160.

Final Wins and Pay-outs

And it seems that is all it takes to change his luck. And back into the Bonus round he goes, his frees spins multiplying first times two, then four times, then nine times for a total win of $148, so now he is comfortably back in the game. With our player at $301 at the end of the first act.

Now our player gets serious knowing that if he bets right, this might be his chance. He ante’s up alternating between five- and twenty-dollar bets. And amazingly he does what no one expects when they are playing Cleopatra II, at 11:49 he wins a jackpot without even going into the bonus round! With 26000 points for a $1300 payout. In all winning $1551.90

Tips to Winning on Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra II Slot Game was developed by IGT. International Game Technology is famous for their video slot games right across the globe. About half of all the video slot games available in the USA has been designed by them. Developing the energy and excitement of a real slot game takes talent and they have proven themselves to be up to the task time and time again.

But one of the reasons this game is probably the favourite for many players is the potential payout if you just happen to get it all right. It is complicated though. Because to get the highest potential payout you would need to be in your bonus round.

The Bonus Rounds Explained

Bonus rounds are not all equal but if you are lucky enough to reach the cap of 50 spins since your multiplier depends on which spin you are on if you on your 50th spin bet $20 and land on the five bonus symbols you could possibly win $2,600,000 just for that spin alone on the big progressive games, this will depend on the version though.

Summary Thoughts

Of course, the chances of doing that are pretty dam slim, but it shows why it is the bonus round that everyone wants to get to. Because there is the potential of winning some big payouts. Although if you win $2,600,000, I would suggest that you take your winnings for the day and go celebrate with a beer or two!

**Review, tips to winning and preview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad app, iPhone app, Android app or real money land casino version of Cleopatra 2 IGT slot machine**

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