Space the final frontier, this is the iconic opening narrative line of the Star Trek series and the movies of many thus far. But what about Star Trek the Final Frontier slots by SG. Let’s review the video on how this slot machine looks and feels like while playing it.

On the screen, you have several Star Trek characters and on the bottom of the touch screen located in the menu where you have the volume, pays & help and collect option. Below are your five credit options for 75, 150, 300, 450 and 600 credits.

You have enhanced features options and spin. When starting you can select what credit you like and press SPIN. The video is showing usage of 600 credits and how the touchscreen is operated, but the touching doesn’t go as well.

To win some credits you need to align three-star logos or spaceships as said in the video, or three characters aligned or partially aligned.

Let’s Play Star Trek the Final Frontier Slots

Further when two-star logos appear combined with the captain’s face card the player wins 80 cents. This is good now the player press spins and goes again. After four spin cycles and losing some cash next two cycles gains some points.

After losing more of the money and balance at 4.40, the player inserts 200 dollars and now has 204.40. So let’s see what happens next. Next several spins are a disaster and money-losing starts to get bigger, the machine is mean in fact. It sucks the credits furiously so far.

Ok Captain Kirk brings some earnings, and after that a scene from Star Trek appears at the top of the screen, showing how the Enterprise is destroying something and one of the actors saying got you.

Klingon Ships Ahead Captain

The big score comes after the great money-losing streak a 16 320 point is earned, and 292 dollars are in play now. Until now a total of more than 300 dollars were inserted in the machine 3 minutes pass at this stage.

Two phases and a “wild” card bring some points, 160 to be exact, next two Sulu cards and one wild bring 560 points. The player speaks on how she didn’t know any of the characters accept Kirk and that she thought she watched the new movie as she presses spin losses some of her points. Three Kirk cards bring 440 earnings in credits.

Kirk and Sulu Bonus

Next comes a greater session of money-losing and little movie talking, two phasers plus wild 80 wins. After this spin Klingon Attack random WILDS awarded appears, and a Klingon ship starts to fire from the top screen to the lower one and to shoot 6 wild cards, then Kirk and Sulu appeared and 4120 points are earned.

Message from Captain James T. Kirk

Message from captain Kirk accompanies your win saying: “I am delighted mister Spock.” After two spins 160 earing are scored, and here comes a greater losing streak again only 40 points earned.

Starfleet Award Bonus Won

As before after a longer spinning activity, a Red Alert appears and warning music accompanied with the top screen short video of captain Kirk pressing a button and saying “Condition Red.” She gets a “STARFLEET AWARD” where six characters cards are upgraded to Kirk card, and a medal is awarded.

Enterprise to the Rescue

The medal descends from the top to down screen and goes left and right until it does something to the centre columns that start to spin fast. Next, go to the far right columns, and the top screen is with message “Enterprise to the Rescue” “REELS EXPAND!”

Again the Klingon Attack appears and fires at six wildcards at the beginning, and then it hits seventeen totals. Reel Expand looks still and second Klingon attack is here, after shooting the bottom screen if filled with Kirk, wild and phasers cards.

Warp Factor Eight – Big Wins

A message with Kirk appears saying: “Warp Factor Eight” and 69 040 credits are won which is excellent 870 dollars is gained, and the player is pleased. Another Klingon attack and 160 won and red alerts and the same video and animation showings 3000 credits are won.

More than eight minutes have passed, and the player had gained more money than she lost, now she’s at 885.20 dollars. Next few spins are pretty quiet with no alerts and warning sound, some losses and wins.

When playing the machine sloth ended the player says how she had won 803 dollars and 60 cents with profit of 503 dollars and 60 cents. She says the game is fantastic and laughs from happiness.

**Review, tips to winning and preview of the free online PC, Mac, iPad app, iPhone app, Android app or real money land casino version of Star Trek the Final Frontier SG slot machine**

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